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Got a question?

Below are some of the questions we get asked frequently. If your question isn't answered below, please do get in touch.

Do the machines take card?

Our Milk vending machine takes both cash and card. Our bottle vending machine is card only. You will need change for the honesty box if you want milkshake syrups or eggs.

Can we see the cows when we visit?

Absolutely!! We are passionate about education and believe it is important for our customers to see where their milk comes from. When you visit you will be able to see our calves and cows in the barns near the shed. We do however ask that you look out for the "no access signs" as parts of the farm are off limits to the public for safety reasons. 

Can I bring my own container to fill with milk?

Of Course. You are very welcome to either purchase one of our bottles or bring your own. Please just remember that the machine dispenses a litre at a time so make sure your container is big enough.

Can we bring our dog?

Well behaved dogs are very welcome but we do ask that they are kept on the lead and that you clean up any mess they make and take it home with you. 

What flavour milkshakes do you do?

LOADS!! We have a huge range of flavours so we try to rotate them regularly. There will always be a few of the more 'traditional' flavours on (e.g. strawberry and chocolate) alongside some more unusual flavours. There is always something for everyone. Keep a eye on our Facebook and Instagram account for new flavour announcements. We try to keep things seasonal and topical where possible. 

How long does your milk last?

Officially 3 days as stated on the bottle, but we find it lasts a lot longer, the "sniff" test works well!! However you'll probably find the bottle will be empty before you know it once you've tried it! Making sure your bottle is spotless and dry before you re-fill it and storing correctly below 4 degrees will also keep your milk fresh for longer. For tips on bottle washing, please see our "How to section". 

do your cows go out to grass?

The simple answer is, as much as possible. Over the winter all our cattle live in as there isn't enough food to keep them going and the fields get too wet. Once spring comes, the fields dry up and the grass starts growing again, we turn out as many cows as we can. It's always a tricky balance, cows don't like being too hot, they hate flies and we have to make sure they have enough grass to meet their nutritional needs. The land on our farm is cut in half by the very busy A38, and unfortunately, it's just not safe or practical to take cows across the road to graze, as was the case in previous years when the road was quieter.

Do you have a toilet?

Yes, there is a small toilet to the right of the shed.

Do we have to book or pay to get in?

Absolutely not! Come along when ever suits you during our opening hours. Buy some milk and shakes, and have a look at the cows while you are here if you would like to.

What's the difference between your milk and supermarket milk? 

We pasteurise daily so your milk will only ever be hours old, rather than days old as it will be if you purchase it from the supermarket! Our milk is gently pasteurised as soon as it is milked from the cows. It's then taken from the dairy just a few hundred yards, to the shed, on the back of a vintage tractor as soon as it is ready, so it's not only super fresh, it has zero air miles! Our milk isn't homogenised, as the milk in the supermarket will be. This means is keep all of its fabulous creamy flavour and nutrients. You have to try it to taste the difference!  


If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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