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What makes our milk different?


The Really Good Dairy is our on site milk vending machine that allows you to purchase our delicious fresh milk straight from the farm. Our milk is gently pasteurised on site so it has zero air miles and is about as fresh as you can get. Unlike the milk you will buy in a supermarket, our milk is only ever hours old instead of days as we pasteurise daily. It's not homogenised or standardised, so it keeps that fantastic creamy flavour and is bursting with nutrients. We are proud to be able to sell you a product that is local, eco-friendly and absolutely delicious. In the milk shed you will find two vending machines. The first one enables you to purchase one of our lovely glass bottles which you can then place in the second machine to fill up with our delicious milk. The bottle vending machine takes card, while the milk vending machine takes both cash and card.

Shake it up...

If you fancy adding some flavour to your milk, then choose from six different milkshake syrups. Our syrups are British made and as low in sugar and additives as possible, and they taste delicious! Simply add two pumps of your favourite flavour from our milkshake bar to your bottle before filling up with milk. We regularly rotate the flavours to keep things interesting and add new and seasonal syrups so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates.


 Once you've finished your milk, simply wash the bottle out and then bring the bottle back time and time again to refill with more yummy milk! We recommend you wash your bottle out thoroughly with hot soapy water and store without the lid on.

The only hard bit is choosing which flavour to have...


Price list

Bottles £2.50 (card)

Milk £1.30 per Litre (cash or card)

Milkshake syrups 50p per flavour (change in honesty box)

Eggs £1.20 1/2 dozen (change in honesty box)

RGD reusable bags (card);

Large £5.00

Small £4.00

Emily's Jams and pickles priced accordingly (card)


We regularly have other local, seasonal produce in our vending machine so keep your eyes peeled for some tasty treats!

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